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Farmingdale Assessment Program K-12

CogATs Information for Second Grade Parents 
Cognitive Abilities Test
• Appraises general abstract reasoning abilities
• Appraises capacity to apply abilities to Verbal, Quantitative & Non Verbal tasks 
The CogAT measures three different cognitive abilities:
The verbal section measures a child’s ability to remember and transform sequences of English words, to understand them and to make inferences and judgments about them.
The quantitative section measures a child’s understanding of basic quantitative concepts and relationships.
The non-verbal section measures reasoning using pictures and geometric shapes. This section reduces the impact of language on the student’s score.
The composite score is a total score for all three batteries.
Age Scores
The test uses age norms (national) and grade norms (national) to calculate scores and compare students of the same age or grade. grouped by age in one-month intervals.
A percentile rank indicates the percentage of students in the same age group whose scores fall below the score obtained by a particular student. For example, if your student obtains a percentile rank of 60, it means that 60 percent of students in the standardized sample scored below your student. A percentile rank of 50 is considered average 

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