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April 2021


VLC and the Italian Honor Society/Club is sponsoring the fundraiser, Building a Birthday-in-a-Box. This program provides birthday party supplies to children in need who are unable to celebrate their birthdays. Flyers listing the items to donate are posted in the building and donations can be dropped off in Room 160 and Room 274.

The Red Cross Club is collecting COVID safety items and other amenities for veterans and people in the military for an event called Totes for Care! Please drop off any items you have in boxes found in the Commons or the Main Lobby. Items needed are: 

Covid Safety Items
- Masks (reusable or disposable)
- Nitrile gloves (preferably XL or L)
- Wet hand towelettes
- Travel size hand sanitizers 

Also Accepted
- Comfort items (cards, games,etc)
- Amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, etc


FHS Virtual Backpack

Click on the Virtual Backpack link above to access information regarding the Farmingdale High School 2020-2021 school year. Seniors please refer to the Class of 2021's Senior Events folder to access important information including how to purchase your graduation caps and gowns. New to the folder is the order form to purchase a brick on the Dalers Walk of Champions and an order form to purchase Lawn Signs for graduating seniors. 


Attention Seniors: 

If have not yet ordered your cap and gowns, you may send your payments directly to Jostens by completing their flyer and mailing it along with a check or money order. The flyer is available on the Virtual Backpack link (above) in the 2020-2021 School Year, Class of 2021's Senior Events folders and on the Class of 2021's Classroom page.  PURCHASES MADE AFTER MARCH 22nd WILL INCLUDE A $10 LATE FEE SO PLEASE ORDER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID THE LATE FEE!!! 




February 23rd's Virtual College Essay Workshop for Juniors and Families



National Honor Society Induction Ceremony - December 1, 2020, 6:00 PM - Live stream Link  


March Student of the Month - Congratulations to the following students.


View the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony and the Junior Class Ring Ceremony at this link: 

Live Stream Link 



Virtual POWER Time meets on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Look for QR codes on the flyers posted in the building to request a meet for extra help. Beginning February 1st, POWER Time will meet from 2:20 to 3:20. Log onto their google meets or come to the Library to check in!

Google Meet Codes:

powertime, powertimescience, powersocialstudies, powermath, powermath1, powerenglish, powersperduto, mchughfalcones


Parents:  Click here to buy a Yearbook

PLEASE NOTE:  The price of the yearbook will increase on December 1st.


Attention Juniors: You can still order your class rings online at:

A $50 deposit is required. Catalogs are available in the Main Office.






Current News

History Club Participates in Model United Nations Conference

History Club thumbnail182256
History Club thumbnail182259
Ehsan Elminabawy and Ramita Chowdhury

The Model United Nations conference’s goal is simple: to garner a greater appreciation for diplomacy and its role in solving many of the world’s most pressing issues. Participating in Model UN can help students develop valuable skills such as teamwork, debating, building consensus, and the art of compromise, all of which are vital life skills that most people do not get a chance to practice very often. Twenty-four students from Farmingdale High School’s history club participated in the annual Hofstra University Model United Nations conference this year. Two of these students: Ramita Chowdhury and Ehsan Elminabawy, received honorable mention.

The Model United Nations Conference, held virtually this year, kicked off a two-day round of negotiating, drafting, discussions, and research with opening ceremonies on February 27, 2021. This year’s ceremony was a pre-recorded video watched before the start of committee session I. The closing ceremonies after the conference was completed summarized the debates and announced awards.

Ramita Chowdhury was recognized with an honorable mention for her work on the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL). SPECPOL is tasked with a wide range of political issues focused on decolonization, peacekeeping efforts, and peaceful outer space uses. This year SPECPOL members will address the following topics: Space Debris and its Danger to International Satellites and Improving and Ensuring the Safety of Atomic Energy Production.

“I represented the Republic of India on SPECPOL, where we discussed nuclear energy and space debris,” said Farmingdale High School student Ramita Chowdhury. This year, I was impressed with how well the discussion flowed and the lack of interruptions. The moderators were understanding and maintained a calm and fun mood throughout the conference.”

Ehsan Elminabawy was also recognized with an honorable mention for her work on the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC). DISEC addresses and deals with disarmament issues, challenges to global security, and threats to international peace. This year DISEC members will be addressed the following topic: The Proliferation and Possible Regulations of Private Military Contractors.

“This year, I represented Iraq in the DISEC committee; I was faced with the task of solving the conflict between Russia and Ukraine,” said Farmingdale High School student Ehsan Elminabawy. I managed to work with other countries to combat this issue, and we successfully passed three resolutions. I am excited to see what is in store for next year.”

The Farmingdale High School history club is advised by teachers James Hughes and Jennifer Theo Kupstas. Its participants include Amanda Treulich, Ramita Chowdhury, Jacquelyne Jeavons, Emily Cohen, Gina Seo, Melissa Treulich, Annabella Barbuto, Waseem Ahmad, Ehsan Elminabawy, Nadiye Pinarli, Ryan Roth, Kevin Piraino, Isabella Mountrichas, Marcin Wasiuta, Lianna Kellndorfer, Anthony Domingo, Sophia Pieri, Janese Williams, Kayla Starke, Alex Alameda, Vanessa Espinosa, Elyssa Kenney, Elvina Tso, and Sara Manandhar.

The Hofstra University Model, United Nations Conference, is a simulation that allows students to come together and discuss international affairs. High school participants hone their debate skills and network among like-minded students.

For more information about the Farmingdale Union Free School District, please visit the district’s website at and like our Facebook page: @FarmingdaleSchoolDistrict.

A New Season, A Renewed Sense of Hope

Covid Vaccine Provided to Farmingdale School District Staff thumbnail182094

Heroes work here. Signage attesting to that fact adorns the grounds around the Farmingdale School Districts’ six school buildings as it marked the one-year anniversary of the schools shutting their doors to in-person instruction due to the Coronavirus pandemic. With Spring, though, comes the promise of better times ahead. Signs of this are evident throughout the district. Students are back in school, sports are up and running, and a long-awaited vaccine is finally here.

"I am so thankful for the volunteer effort of our administrators, nurses, Walgreens, Village, and South Farmingdale EMS, The Marketplace at 317,” said Superintendent Paul Defendini. “Dozens of people donated their time and services to support this critical event, and together we vaccinate more than 300 staff members. Farmingdale is an exceptional community, and I am prouder than ever to call myself a Daler.”

The Walgreens Pharmacy staff was on-site at Farmingdale High School on Monday, March 22, from 2 PM to 8 PM to distribute the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine to interested staff members. Over 300 people signed up! Having teachers and staff vaccinated is essential to the full safe reopening of all school buildings. Navigating through the New York state’s websites to find an available appointment at a local vaccine center has been a struggle for many Long Islanders. The Farmingdale School District is extremely thankful to Walgreens for making their School District a priority and making the vaccination process seamless for the community.

The long hours distributing these vaccines was also made easier by a generous donation of catered, grab-and-go food provided by local merchant, the Marketplace at 317. Joe Fortuna, named the Farmingdale Outstanding Businessperson of the Year by the village's chamber of commerce, graciously offered the Walgreens staff and volunteers food to help get them through the long hours. Fortuna owns The Nutty Irishman and 317 Main Street, a duo of eateries in Farmingdale Village. The Marketplace at 317 opened earlier this year and is located behind 317 Main Street.

“The Farmingdale community has been so supportive of the restaurants throughout these challenging times,” said Joe Fortuna. “When Paul Defendini reached out about having food catered, I was eager to pay it forward and show my appreciation.”

For more information about the Farmingdale Union Free School District, please visit the district’s website at and like our Facebook page: @FarmingdaleSchoolDistrict.

Farmingdale High School Musicians Selected for All-Eastern Honors Ensembles

All-Eastern Honors thumbnail182050
All-Eastern Honors thumbnail182121

Farmingdale High School continues to fill its halls with sweet musical notes created by its talented musicians. And this year, the District wasn’t the only one who took note. Three stand-out seniors have been selected for the prestigious All-Eastern Music Honors Ensembles. Recipients include Aidan Kelly, Cooper Malanowski, and Gabriella Sferlazza. Throughout their musical career, they’ve had the opportunity to perform with other quality high school musicians all along the Northeast coast.

“The music department at Farmingdale High School is so proud of our three All-Eastern musicians,” said Mr. Greg Warnokowski, Director of Fine Arts. “This is an honor that comes after an incredible amount of hard work and dedication to their music studies, and Aidan, Cooper, and Gabriella should be very proud of their accomplishments. They can consider themselves as three of the best high school musicians on the east coast!”

Cooper Malanowski was selected to perform with the Jazz Band. Aidan Kelly was chosen as a vocalist with the Mixed Chorus and Gabriella Sferlazza with the Treble Chorus. All three musicians performed in the fall with the All-State Honor Ensembles. Kelly and Sferlazza were selected as alternates for the All-National Honors Ensembles.

“I have known these students since sixth grade,” said Ms. Jessica Mischke, High School Chorus Director. “Watching their many accomplishments over the years has been incredible. They make Farmingdale so proud!”

Farmingdale teachers who sponsored the musical efforts include Ms. Jessica Mischke, Chorus Director, and Ms. Gina Pellettiere, High School Band Director, along with proud high school music staff members Mr. Matthew DeMasi and Ms. Barbara Lieberman.

“I am so proud of the students for representing the Farmingdale Music Department,” said Ms. Gina Pellettiere, High School Band Director. “They are hard-working, talented, and certainly deserve the honor of being part of the highly competitive All-Eastern Ensembles. This year, they have overcome many obstacles and continue to make music an important part of their lives.”

The All-Eastern Honor Ensembles will come together for a “Virtual Weekend” March 4-6. The event will include keynote speakers, masterclasses with professional musicians, and college networking opportunities. This year, students will individually record their All-Eastern Ensemble performance from home, led by a conductor virtually. The recordings will be edited together to produce a concert performance like no other, set to premiere on April 23 at the 57th NAfME Eastern Division Virtual In-Service Conference.

For more information about the Farmingdale Union Free School District, please visit the district’s website at and like our Facebook page: @FarmingdaleSchoolDistrict.

Farmingdale Alumnae Fortuitous Encounter

Farmingdale Alumnae Fortuitous Encounter thumbnail181957

There are times when our abilities are tested, and the education we were afforded throughout our academic careers is put to good use. This past Saturday, during the Farmingdale versus East Meadow varsity football game, Nassau County high school football official Phil LoNigro collapsed during the second quarter of the game. Thanks to the training and quick-thinking of the athletic trainers also on the field that day, what could have been an unbelievably tragic event emerged as one of inspiration and hope.

“It was a team effort, said Farmingdale athletic trainer Phil Fandale. Dan was doing chest compressions, and I got the AED. From the time he went down until we got him back with the AED was less than a minute and a half. It was a whirlwind.”

On that seemingly ordinary Saturday morning, Mr. LoNigro’s heart stopped beating. Farmingdale athletic trainer and alumni Phil Fandale, and East Meadow athletic trainer, Dan DeSimone, did not allow the situation to get the better of them. Instead, they used the training and resources at their fingertips and saved Mr. LoNigro’s life. Mr. DeSimone was first on the scene and began chest compressions right away. Mr. Fandale was quick to join Mr. DeSimone on the field, employing the use of a defibrillator to provide the lifesaving shock to Mr. LoNigro, who laid unconscious and unresponsive on the field. The duo’s collaborative efforts were integral in this heroic moment. What makes this story even more incredible is the fact that Mr. LoNigro is also one of Farmingdale’s own, as a graduate of the Class of 1980.

“It is moments such as these that I am reminded by the community we continuously build upon in the halls and classrooms of our schools, said Superintendent Paul Defendini. “The odds of two Farmingdale graduates crossing paths is not so far-fetched, but the chances of one saving the other’s life? Some may call it a coincidence. I am inclined to call it a miracle.”

At this time, Phil LoNigro is still in the hospital having tests run but is doing well.

NEWSDAY: Football official saved with defibrillator after collapse at Farmingdale game

ABC NEWS 7: Long Island athletic trainers bring referee back to life after game collapse

CBS: Quick-Thinking Athletic Trainers Save Official Who Suffered Cardiac Arrest During High School Football Game

For more information about the Farmingdale Union Free School District, please visit the district’s website at and like our Facebook page: @FarmingdaleSchoolDistrict.

Farmingdale’s Legislative Action Committee Advocates for Community

Farmingdale’s Legislative Action Committee Advocates for Community thumbnail181768

Members of Farmingdale’s Legislative Action Committee (LAC) met with local legislators in a Town Hall style meeting in early March to present their 2020-21 legislative proposals and to discuss the impact of pending and future legislation on public schools. Farmingdale is fortunate to have several local representatives who listen and work together to benefit our school district and community.

“The LAC is committed to meeting with local elected representatives to bring forth the concerns our district and community have in regards to legislation,” said BOE Trustee Kathy Lively. “Our students who participate learn about the legislative process; their participation also enables the committee and elected representatives to understand the views, concerns that our future voters may have.”

The Farmingdale LAC committee—made up of students, teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and Farmingdale Board of Education Trustees Suzanne D’Amico and Kathy Lively—meet with local legislators throughout the year then typically travel to Albany to visit legislators and tour the Capitol. COVID-19 canceled the annual trip to Albany, but the LAC pivoted and organized a Google Meet Town Hall with local legislators and invited fifteen high school students to lead the conversation.

“In this new, virtual format, our students successfully articulated how they are currently feeling during these unsettled times,” said BOE Vice President Suzanne D’Amico. “Mental Health awareness, support and destigmatizing being at the top of their priorities, they had a productive dialog with our local legislators who were so willing to listen and support their feelings.”

The meeting started with a brief welcome and then quickly moved into legislative priorities. Farmingdale High School students came prepared to share their concerns and ideas for what our legislators should focus on for the Farmingdale community. During the Town Hall meeting, the topics covered spanned various issues that impact the school district: predictable funding, support for mental health, digital equity, and school safety.

“Having our students lead the conversation was particularly special and delivered a greater impact during this unprecedented time,” said LAC Committee Chair and Assistant Superintendent for Innovation & Organizational Development, William Brennan. “Our students passionately expressed the challenges they face today and raised their concerns about the future.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with some of our legislators and have our voices heard,” said Farmingdale High School Junior Amanda Treulich. “Many important issues were discussed, regarding topics that hold a lot of weight, especially in today's society. We have to keep working towards improvement, and I hope I get the chance to participate at one of these meetings again in the future.”

For more information about the Farmingdale Union Free School District and a complete list of the LAC’s Legislative Proposals and members, please visit the district’s website at and like our Facebook page: @FarmingdaleSchoolDistrict.


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